Whistleblowers demand justice and denounce policy of abuse


Whistleblowers held on Tuesday a press conference at the headquarters of the National Syndicate of Tunisian Journalists in Tunis, entitled “Where do whistleblowers go?” They demanded immediate return to their previous jobs and settlement of their professional and financial matters, denouncing policy of abuse. They also called on judiciary to review files of those suspected of corruption and hold the corrupt accountable. Ashraf bin Aisha, employee of Tunisian National Railways Company, told A24 he submitted more than 40 corruption case files on the company he works in, that involve many forms of corruption and embezzlement, but to no avail. He said he was expelled and a file on him was fabricated to legitimize his dismissal. Other whistleblowers of corruption in national institutions they work in, told A24 they should be protected as witnesses according to Tunisian law, stating the need to fight against corruption, not against anti-corruption. They noted the need to reopen the National Anti-Corruption Commission for corruption cases, with amendments to some of its laws that concern protection of whistleblowers.


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