Tunis conference calls for end to violence against women with global treaty


Jordanian activist Rosa Al-Essy works in defending women’s rights and combating violence against them. She has spent years trying to support women and help them obtain their rights in Jordan and around the world. This activity led her to participate in the Third International Volunteer Women’s Conference in Tunis, which called for an international treaty to end violence against women and girls. Lisa Shannon, founder and executive director of the international coalition behind the “Every Woman Treaty,” said in an interview with A24 that this mobilization draws support from about 8,000 women from 128 countries. The volunteers will lobby governments to sign the “Every Woman” treaty and enact legislation and establish programs to defend women and girls from various forms of violence they face. Sociologist and activist in the coalition, Nabila Hamza, told A24 that the anti-violence pact would bind signatory states to implement and monitor the treaty.


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