Report on crimes of torture in secret prisons in Shabwa


Civil Network for Media, Development and Human Rights (CNMDHR) in Aden held a press conference today to discuss report on “crimes of torture in secret prisons in Shabwa” attributed to pro-Islah special forces. The report accused Abed Rabbo al-Akab and former governor of Shabwa, Muhammad bin Adyo, of being fully responsible for “crimes of torture” that affected detainees in the governorate. The report indicated that cases of torture in Shabwa included 27 children. The report revealed 700 violations, including 443 cases of torture that took place in Shabwa special forces prisons between January 2019 and June 2022. Victims of these violations who A24 interviewed expressed their relief at the expulsion of al-Akab, who was responsible for their arrest in Shabwa, hoping he will never return to the city.


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