Peru’s president calls for greater role for Latin America in peacekeeping force at UN assembly


Peru’s president warned the UN General Assembly on Tuesday that the world is moving dangerously towards situations of confrontation and hoped Latin America would become more involved in world peace.

“Latin America was decisive in the very creation of the United Nations. Grounded on the principles of solidarity and joint actions, Latin America must, as such, increase its contribution to conflict resolution and peace. It is indeed its historical tradition,” said Pedro Castillo.

The president told those attending the gathering in New York City that his government led the first conference of Latin America and the Caribbean on peacekeeping operations.

According to Castillo, the Lima Conference has pushed for the increasing participation of Latin America and the Caribbean in UN peacekeeping operations in a world with increasingly dire challenges.

“The international situation is complex, difficult and delicate. Strategic balances are shifting, and our peoples are observing with worry and concern the disintegration of peace, the disintegration of the environment, and the worsening of the international economic situation,” he said.

Speaking about the “grave tensions at unprecedented historical levels,” President Castillo addressed the current global conflicts damaging Eastern Europe and the Middle East, reiterating his country’s stance of non-aggression and respect for the territorial integrity of states.

Castillo said there are no good or bad interventions and called all types of sanctions other than those adopted by the UN Security Council, including unilateral sanctions, illegitimate and in violation of international law.

The president singled out economic sanctions, which he said should be avoided if they disrespect the human right to food and affect food security.


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