Investigation into Ennahda Movement leaders on charges of terrorism


The head of Ennahda Movement and former Speaker of Tunisian Parliament, Rached Ghannouchi, is under investigation today before the anti-terror police. He is being investigated on his involvement in the case of deporting Tunisian young men to hotbeds of tension, especially Syria, Iraq and Libya. This morning, it was announced that former Prime Minister and leader in Ennahda, Ali Laarayedh, had been detained for the same case, after about 14 hours of interrogation yesterday. Tunisians keep waiting for this issue that has been affecting national security for years to be resolved, and for its circumstances to unveil. Lawyer Samir Delou told A24 that the case of deporting Tunisians abroad is being used for political agenda. Emad Al-Khamiri, leader in Ennahda movement told A24 that the purpose of this case at the present time is to silence the opposition through intimidation and drawing public opinion away from national, social priorities, especially since it came after the dissolution of the Supreme Judicial Council.


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