Female activists: Current situation in Iran is response to violations against women

Iran has been witnessing, for nearly two weeks, continuous protests against the killing of Mahsa Amini while she was detained by the morality police, which sparked international reactions on repression Iranian authorities practice against women. Jordanian women’s rights activist Israa Al-Tawalbeh said in an interview with A24 that a country’s tendency to suppress women for religious, social or political reasons, is totally unacceptable. She added that the current situation in Iran has reached this point of protests because all other means and methods women resorted to have failed. Human rights activist Nahla Momani told A24 these violations are complex and stem from discrimination against women, and the violence they are subjected to. Momani said there is media bias regarding marginalizing women’s rights issues, reinforced by absence of media presence of women, which negatively affects representation of women’s rights issues in the media.


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