Escalations in Taiz threaten a desperately needed truce


New clashes erupted this week between the Houthi militia and government forces in the Yemeni governorate of Taiz after the Iran-backed rebels violated an UN-brokered truce.

Mohammed Saddam- an officer in the government’s army, told A24 that despite his troops’ adherence to all the ceasefire terms, the Houthis fired many missiles at the army’s areas and the city of Taiz, targeting men, women, and children.

The renewed fighting prompted the internationally recognized government in Aden to withdraw from the Amman consultations, which aimed to bridge the gaps between the conflicting parties and end the Yemeni crisis.

The UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, is holding meetings with the Yemeni parties and consultations in Arab and regional capitals to extend the truce. US envoy Timothy Linder King and EU ambassadors also seek to uphold the agreement and end the conflict.

However, amid these events, observers pointed out that the situation in Yemen has become more complex and reduced the chances of extending the truce.

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