Indonesian police raid ‘Cambodia’ online gambling headquarters raided in Central Java, 6 suspects nabbed


The General Criminal Investigation Directorate (Dierscrimm) of the Central Java Police raided the online gambling headquarters in Bojongsari District, Purbalingga Regency.

Six people were named as suspects as a result of the raid.

The Director of the Criminal Investigation Department said, “Friday night, at 2100, we conducted law enforcement efforts, in which a criminal act that was covered in Article 303 of the Criminal Code for gambling, was committed using online facilities or means. ” Kombes Juhandani Rahardjo Puro in Purbalingga, of Central Java Police said yesterday.

According to him, the online gambling headquarters that were raided were foreign networks. He said that they are still investigating the matter for further development.

“The server is abroad, according to the information of the perpetrator, which we have investigated, the server is in Cambodia. Of course to what extent we will prove and we will continue to develop the extent of development of this case,” he said.

Juhandani said the suspect admitted that he had just started practicing at Purbalingga. But with the results of his investigation, the trend of online gambling has been going on for a long time.

When asked about the business of online gambling practices in the area, his party could not confirm. However, it is estimated that the daily income from one place will reach crores of rupees.


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