Sharjah hosts workshop for the Arab Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign


Physicians and public health advocates from throughout the Middle East are meeting in Sharjah to continue their work saving the lives of women in Arab societies. The Friends of Cancer Patients Association in the UAE organized the preparatory workshop for the Arab Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign with representatives from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Oman, Palestine, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Sudan, and Libya. The idea for the Arab coalition began at a conference held in Jordan in 2015 Dr. Reem Al-Ajlouni, director of the Jordan Breast Cancer Program said the UAE workshop is advancing Arab cooperation in the field and serves as a milestone for achievements made and identify future steps to reach every Arab woman and raise awareness. Wednesday’s workshop mapped out plans for additional scientific research and evidence-based information to promote health policies for breast cancer prevention.

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