Leading Female Politician Abeer Moussa Calls For New Vote


Leading female politician Abeer Moussa calls for new vote, joined other parties today in rejecting the results of Monday’s constitutional referendum.

At a Tunis press conference on Thrursday, Moussa said numerical errors in the vote were a “scandal” and urged President Kais Saied not to ratify the results.

That’s unlikely to happen. The new constitution hands President Saeid extensive powers and transfers most law-making decisions to his executive branch.

Saied held the referendum on the first anniversary of his dismissal of the country’s elected parliament and establishment of one-person emergency rule.

But Mousa insists Saied hold early presidential elections before September and subjects himself to the Tunisia people again.

She said severe dangers threaten the Tunisian State should the new constitution come into effect.

The leader of the Destourian Party outlined a roadmap “to correct the path” and vowed to cancel Saied’s constitution in the next session of parliament.

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