Immigrant Creative Week seeks to connect talent to development


A series of events is now underway in Tunis as the government seeks to leverage the talent and capital of Tunisians currently living in Europe for the development of the North African nation. The Tunisian Immigrant Creative Week is underway to strengthen ties between those who have sought their fortunes elsewhere and their homeland. This week’s series of events includes participation of about 100 Tunisian artists currently living abroad. Organizers hope to strengthen ties between this creative diaspora and their native land. The festival includes seminars, exhibitions, concerts, and hands-on workshops with expatriate and locally based artists collaborating on projects. Director-General of the Office of Tunisians Abroad Nahed Rajh explained to A24 News Agency that his agency is running a parallel economic forum for expatriate business people to encourage investment in Tunisia. The country suffers a significant brain drain with nearly a million Tunisians living abroad.


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