Flood woes of Cambodia’s NR2 residents


Residents of Tuol Roka village in Chak Angre Krom commune are struggling with contstant flash floods due to the poor drainage system in the area.

People living along the National Road 2 always complain that they mostly live with a fear of constant inundation brought about by heavy rains.

Resident have alerted the local authorities several times to broaden the drain but in vain.

Nou Bunkin, 83, said that she has been living in Chak Angre Krom commune for 40 years and flash floods have started wreaking havoc in the last five years as the National Road 2 (NR2) comes above her house.

“I think the drainage pipe is not big enough to allow the flow of rain water from my house,” Bunkin said.

She added that local authorities should broaden the drainage system according to the number of residences from time to time.

Khiev Sar, 93, a retired government official, said he is scared of rain which always floods his house and road.

Authorities are working hard to clean the road almost every day to get dirt from the road and drainage system which is really appreciated. “But I think they wash the dirt on the road into the drainage system which is blocking the drainage water flow,” Sar added.




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