Citizens hope new ministers can improve services and security


Yemenis response to the ministerial amendments issued by the Presidential Council is split between those who are hopeful that the new government would work to resolve issues of electricity and water, supply oil derivatives, pay salaries regularly and improve living conditions exacerbated by the economic crisis in the country, and those who are pessimistic and believe the economic situation will remain the same regardless. Rashed Al-Alimi, President of the Presidential Leadership Council last Thursday, issued a decree of a limited cabinet reshuffle, which included the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Oil and Minerals, Ministry of Electricity and Energy and Ministry of Public Works and Highways. Minister of Defense, Muhammad al-Maqdashi, who had kept his position as the head of the army since 2018 was except from the reschuffle, and Muhsin Muhammad al-Daari was appointed as his successor.


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