Kidney failure patients suffer from lack of resources


People with kidney failure are suffering from receiving potentially-life saving dialysis because of a serious shortage of resources at a main hospital in the southern port city of Aden.

Many Kidney failure patients say they are unable to receive adequate doses and dedicated medical centers lack dialysis equipment at Al-Sadaqa Hospital’s kidney dialysis unit.

The financial difficulties of many patients exacerbate their suffering, as they do not have enough money for transportation and treatment. Speaking to A24 News Agency, Abdullah Ali, a Kidney failure patient, called on the government to provide support to kidney patients due to their living poor conditions.

Director of the Dialysis Center at Al-Sadaqa Hospital Dr. Jabin Abdel Shakour demanded the government to create the center’s operating budget and increase the hospital’s bed capacity as the number of people with kidney failure is rising.

According to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Health, the number of kidney failure patients in Aden exceeded three thousand. The health sector in Aden has deteriorated since the 2015 Houthi invasion, which caused the health care system to collapse.

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