World Cup qualification is expected to boost Peruvian economy

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Peru’s possible qualification for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will create business opportunities for enterprises in different industries across the country. As Peru will take on either the UAE or Australia for a place at the tournament in Qatar, various businesses have already begun to be generated in the country like the sale of T-shirts and sports equipment. Many businesses will also begin to promote their products or services with athletes. Bookmakers, restaurants and travel agencies are some of the businesses that see a great economic opportunity in Peru’s qualifying for the World Cup. Peru’s qualification for the World Cup in Qatar is expected to generate at least one point in the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), which represents 1,000 million dollars. Merchant and business owners expressed optimism that the news of qualification to the World Cup will increased sales and productions. Rodolfo Ojeda Medina, President of the Small and Medium Enterprises Guild (COPE) of the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL), said the qualification for the world cup will make Peru gain 54 million dollars directly and 390 million dollars indirectly. He said sales of household appliances, textiles, clothing, travel, sports equipment, transportation and food will increase.



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