UN sponsor campaign to prevent child recruitment in Aden


The Yemeni government launched a campaign in Adem to prevent child recruitment in cooperation with UN Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict.

During the press conference for he campaign, UN office spokeswoman Nelly Sabarthes noted the need to act to protect children saying this campaign is in accordance with the plan signed with the Yemeni government in 2014, and the Yemen road map signed in 2018, in addition to the action points approved by the joint technical committee to prevent child recruitment in July 2021.

The UN office spokeswoman called on all military, political, media, social and public events in Yemen to be part of the campaign, to highlight the Yemeni government’s commitment to end the use of children in armed conflict. She stressed that children belong in educational institutions and the need to ensure a generation free from violence caused by war and conflict.

The UN official noted the need to close down all recruitment and mobilization centers belonging to the Houthi group, because they plant and nurture hatred and violence, destroying the future. The Ministry of Interior spokesman in the joint technical committee to prevent child recruitment, Sanad Jamil commended in a statement to A24 Agency the efforts made by the committee.

He also commended the quick response of the governors of Lahj and Dhale’ to coordinate with military and security institutions allowing us to visit many camps and prisons to ensure no children were held within these places and their adherence to preventing child recruitment.

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