Cambodian PM announces that the country is COVID free for the 15th consecutive day


Prime Minister Hun Sen has announced that Cambodia has achieved its 15th consecutive COVID free day.

Speaking during a meeting with more than 2,100 Cambodians living in Europe in Zurich, Switzerland, the PM stated “Today is the 15th day that Cambodia does not have a single case of infectious disease. This is not a coincidence.”

According to the Premier, this success is due to the Royal Government having a clear plan, especially regarding the vaccination campaign.

The PM added that Cambodia has received a total of 52 million doses of the vaccine and 42 million doses were used.

Of that amount, 28.5 million doses were bought by The Kingdom – which shows that Cambodia does not allow people to die from COVID 19.

The PM also stated that Cambodia’s good economic growth was reduced by the COVID 19 crisis to 2.4% – and that it would have been much higher if the pandemic had not occurred.




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