Cambodia preparing to issue ID cards to Cambodians abroad


Prime Minister Hun Sen has stated that the Royal Government is preparing to facilitate the issuance of Identity Cards to Cambodians abroad to make it easier for them to live and do business in Cambodia.

He stated that Cambodians abroad do not need to apply for a Royal Decree to gain Cambodian citizenship.

Hun Sen added that the issuance of Cambodian identity cards to Cambodians living abroad is necessary so that Cambodians can easily buy a house, buy land or be able to form a political party to stand for elections.

Hun Sen’s speech was made at midnight on May 22, 2022, during a meeting with more than 2,000 Cambodian communities in Europe in Zurich, Switzerland.

He said, “I have an important announcement for our brothers abroad. The other day I talked to our brothers in the United States and also assigned the task to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and also handed over this work to Sar Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior.

It is necessary to issue ID cards to our brothers and sisters living abroad because some of them do not have ID cards when buying land in the district, do not own property, and have to rely on relatives or others to purchase the property.

We understand the situation of those who have gone abroad and as such, there is no need to apply for a Royal Decree to regain citizenship.

Hun Sen stated that the postal election was not easy, even the United States itself was already in trouble until there was a conflict between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party.




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