Warehouses become center for receiving and distributing aid


Warehouses have become a center for receiving and distributing essential humanitarian aid for citizens who suffered from the Russian invasion of Ivano-Frankivsk city in the Carpathian region of western Ukraine.

The Warehouses, owned by the city administration and private businesses, were used to store building materials, automotive parts, and household equipment.

Dozens of European countries launched campaigns to raise funding in support of people fleeing the invasion of Ukraine, in partnership with government agencies, commercial companies, and non-profit foundations.

The aid Shipments included water, groceries, hygiene products, medicines, and clothes.

Roman Pychyzhak, Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism of the City Council said Ukraine’s partners Germany and Poland sent 14 trucks full of humanitarian aid to the city.

He said the city also received humanitarian aid from other countries like Romania, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, and Greece.

Galyna, a volunteer pharmacist, said people coming from dangerous regions to the city received medicines like antiseptics, ointments for treating wounds, cold remedies, bandages, cotton wool, gloves, and masks.

The city’s MayorRuslanMartsinkiv hailed the E.U countries’ support to Ukraine to help it withstand the ramifications of the Russian war.


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