Thai youth use online space to criticize government


Thai youth continued to spark protests, using social media and platforms to voice out their criticisms against the government as part of their political awareness.

Young Thais are increasingly using the internet and social media to share ideas and opinions as the country’s government, came to power in a 2014 coup, edges towards holding the first elections in nine years.

They accused the government of ruining the economy and mismanaging the State’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, However, young Thai people calling for reform are determined to make up their own minds about the powers in their country.

Young online citizen reporters called for the freedom of expression and press when they want to share news about sensitive topics.

An Assistant Professor said Thai youth are seeking for three main topics: change, hope and future, which is the most important one.

He said Twitter was the platform of choice for critics of the current regime to voice out their dissent.

Comparing Chinese youth with Thai youth on freedom of expression, he said the Chinese youth might not have such a freedom buy they are provided with better economic opportunities although they have an authoritarian government as he said.

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