Full Vaccination Program in Peru to Lift Compulsory Mask Use


Peru will evaluate the possibility of lifting the compulsory use of masks in public places upon reaching coverage of at least 80 percent of the population with the third dose of the vaccine, the Minister of Health, Jorge Lopez, said.

The official said that Peru still has many vulnerable people who might get infected with the virus, which could once again lead to high hospitalization rates.

Lopez made these statements on Wednesday at the Yerbateros Bus Terminal during the launching of the “Complete your doses, travel safe” strategy conducted by the Ministry of Health.
According to María Elena Martínez, Minsa’s Director of Immunization, more than 14 400 000 people have so far received the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, representing 50.1 percent of the overall population.

The director estimated that the country’s goal of reaching 80 percent of the population with the third dose would be fulfilled by the end of June.

Martínez said that the government had issued a decree that individuals 18 and above must prove that they have three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine before entering enclosed public spaces such as interprovincial transport buses.



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