Outrage mounts over arrest of activists in Mongolia

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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – Arrests of activists in Mongolia have caused an outrage amongst the general public, as Mongolians see the authorities’ arrests on loose bases do not serve the national interests of Mongolia, but those of other countries.

Political analysts have called for the immediate release of human rights activists who reported and protested abuses in inner Mongolia, the most prominent of whom is Ch. Munkhbayar, A Mongolian citizen who was arrested for charges of “illegally cooperating with foreign intelligence agencies.”

According to his lawyer Baasan. G.,  Mongolia’s most tragic case is the arrest and prosecution of a Mongolian citizen for speaking out against the violation of the rights of Inner Mongolians in China.

“There is no evidence in the case file that this was a foreign intelligence agency.  This case is considered a secret.  Secretly, the media accuse Munkhbayar of receiving 200 million MNT [$68,250]. He is said to have been a spy for India,” said Baasan.

Political scientist А. Batdorj said that Munkhbayar is one of the most knowledgeable people in Mongolia about the Mongolian national ideology, language, and culture.

“He is accused of espionage and treason.  It is especially serious that a nationalist is accused of such a crime of treason,” added the scientist.


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