Unsupported mothers find shelter in ‘Shishu Palli Plus’ care home in Gazipur

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Established in 1989, the “Shishu Polli Plus” complex provides vital support for single and unsupported mothers and their children.

Stewardess-turned humanitarian activist Patricia Kerr, founder of the care home, said that the Shishu Polli Plus was established with the support of the British Airways to stop women from giving up their children to adoption because of financial issues or other hardships.

Kerr added that the care home has helped keep families together. Rabeya Sultana, who is a teacher in the care home, said in addition to offering mothers and children a safe and loving environment, the Shishu Polli Plus complex also teaches both mothers and children how to be self-reliant, and how they can live on their own once they leave for their communities.

The complex also trains mothers on agricultural skills, an agriculture expert said, adding that the village-structured complex has a school, a clinic, kitchens, deep and shallow tube-wells and ponds, to name a few.

A mother in the house said there are rehabilitation programs for up to three years for the mothers, who earn their allowance working for the complex.

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