Thailand jumps to 110th place in global corruption index


According to the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) published by Transparency International, Thailand ranked 110th among 180 countries surveyed with an overall score of 35 out of 100, considering the score as bad.

Office of the NACC reveals the CPI score, the annual Corruption Perception Index 64, found that Thailand received 35 points, ranked 110 in the world, down from 36 points last year, ranked 104 in the world.

ASEAN found the score in the section “Bribery-State officials have misbehavior” decreases drastically, but conflicts between interests have increased.

Reporters received information from the NACC Office that on January 25, 2022, around 12.00 noon time in Thailand. Transparency International (Transparency Internatio. NACC (TI) has published the results of the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) for the year 2021 from 180 countries around the world.

From the statistics of Thailand’s CPI score in the ASEAN group for the year 2021, it was found that Thailand was ranked 6th out of 11 countries.

The first country was Singapore at 85 points, followed by Malaysia at 48 points, Timor-Leste at 41 points, Vietnam at 39 points, Indonesia at 38 points, Thailand at 35 points, the Philippines at 33 points, Laos at 30 points, Myanmar at 28 points, and last Cambodia 23 points.


Source: Daily Times

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