Mongolian genome researchers seek treatment for common killer diseases


Ulaanbaatar/Mongolia – Researchers in the “Mongolian Genome” project conduct research in a bid to diagnose and treat diseases that Mongolians have long suffered from.

Esophageal cancer, stroke and heart failure are the three main fatal diseases that J. Amarsanaa, the manager of the project, which was launched in 2019, is anxious to discover the causes of morbidity.

He anticipated that changing lifestyle could address the issue. He also referred to possible gene-related causes that the project is working to determine.

Laboratory Executive Director of the project, D. Enkhtuya, told A24 News Agency that the complete gene sequence of three people has been determined since inception.

“The whole genes of these three people were read from whole blood samples. We first isolate our genetic product, or DNA, from the blood. This activity involves 250 activities with 99 steps. The sample is then tested to ensure that it contains sufficient information for analysis.” Enkhtuya added, explaining the testing process.

Though, Amarsanaa said that as gene therapy became widely used around the world, Mongolia needs to further develop and advance genetics.

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