Angoon Garden, an initiative to assist and entertain the needy children


Thonglor is well-known for its highest cost of living and land pricing, where fewer people realize the existence of many slums, the communities of those who do the lowest work for the area, hidden behind those buildings.

Following the outbreak of Covid in the past two years, people in these slums were completely abandoned and left without any income or support, their children had to stop studying because they could not afford to study online, and some became depressed from staying at home all day.

A small group of people in coordination with some foundations started a project to support the communities by offering the children a space where they can come and play every weekend and providing them with devices to be able to go back to study again, in addition to home-teacher staff to help the children with their homework or lesson, and some materials the family need to survive the hardship.

Angoon Garden was found by Angoon Malik, the original landowner who believes in equality of right to happiness.

Before she passes away in 1990, she established Jayavana Foundation and donated the current land for the public interest.

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