vigil in Sulaymaniyah against murders of women

A vigil in Sulaymaniyah against murders of women

The growth in the women’s murder in Iraqi Kurdistan pushed hundreds of anti-violence against women campaigners, activists, and lawyers in Sulaymaniyah to protest against the phenomenon’s expansion, which has burdened the society. Despite the existence of hundreds of civil society organizations and media outlets warning of the implications of this phenomenon and its influence on the collapse of society, no immediate action is taken to halt this heinous practice. The statistics released by government institutions in Kurdistan stated that 40 women have been killed, burned, or committed suicide for different reasons and motives in the last four months, however, human rights organizations question these figures, noting that they are much higher than the announced, as many cases remain unreported. It is mentioned that honor crimes have lately escalated in Kurdistan and that the body of an unidentified lady was found with signs of gunfire a few days ago, causing stress in the local community of an increase in this phenomenon.

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