The percentage of completion of Al-Faw Port Project in Basra advances


Farhan Al-Fartousi, the Director of the Public Company that supervises the construction of the Grand Port of Al-Faw project, in Basra, southern Iraq, stated that the project has to be completed at whatever cost, emphasizing that the Iraqi government supports and funds the project.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Grand Port of Al-Faw Authority, Hanadi Abdel Razzaq, said that the project signed under the 2020agreements has an advanced percentage of completion; including soil works preparation, weak soil removal, and mines removal, whether for the project’s main or subsidiary road.

The project is anticipated to cost around 4.6 billion euros, and the port’s annual capacity is estimated to be 99 million tons making it one of the largest ports overlooking the Gulf and the tenth in the world.

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