“My Strength Is My Will” Forum tackles the issues of people with disabilities in Qamishli

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PEL organization has conducted a forum for people with disabilities across the entire Syrian part of the Al-Jazira region (the eastern and northeastern region of Syria), as part of its “Melody” project, entitled “My Strength Is My Will”. Several people with disabilities from different areas in the Jazira region attended the forum, as did relevant bodies from the Autonomous Administration, as well as representatives of civil society organizations and media interested in this topic. The forum aims to foster communication and interaction between people with special needs, bodies and organizations of Autonomous Administration, and civil organizations. Figures in 2020 demonstrated that the percentage of disabled people in Syria reached 27.7 percent, of the overall population, which is estimated to be about 3 million and 700 thousand people. In terms of the prevalence of disabilities, the Al-Hasakah governorate ranks third.

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