Despite the landmines, Yemeni Teachers Search for Books amid Rubbles of Demolished Schools

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In the war-ravaged region, a group of teachers in Hajjah Governorate took the initiative to search for books amid the rubbles of demolished schools. Despite the risk of the landmines planted by the Houthi- militias, teachers insisted on looking for these books, especially after 3 years of having no curriculum. The brutal war has had its toll even on the educational system, which can no longer fund or offer any sustainable services. In this respect, a school principal in Midi District underscored the fact that teachers had to search for books amid rubbles of the demolished schools only after they ran out of options as, for 3 years in a row, the students haven’t had any books. Furthermore, about 3400 students study in liberated directorates amid unfavorable conditions. Some take their lessons under trees bearing very high temperatures, and some in huts. These voluntary initiatives are the only reason behind resuming school education in all directorates, villages, and even in displacement camps.

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