International Festival of Pantomime Kicks off in Sulaymaniah

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Diyala Theater Troupe, in cooperation with the Society of Fine Arts in Sulaymaniah and the Theater House in the General Union of Writers, is holding the International Festival of Pantomime which was named after Kurdish late play writer Muhyiddin Zangana, under the slogan (Theatre brings distances). Five countries participate in the festival: Iraq, as the host country, in its various governorates, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, and Iran, and it will last for three days. Ten theatrical troupes will be performing in culture and art theaters with different titles. The festival aims to benefit from the experiences and exchange them between local and guest playwrights, and strengthen cooperation between Arab countries in this field, and spread love and peace among countries through the message of the beautiful art of theater. The attendees praised the uniqueness of this festival at the level of the Arab world, which suffers from a decline in festivals specialized in this type of theater.


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