Cambodia: PM tells officials involved with illegal logging, encroachment to confess their crimes to commute sentence


The call came as the government decided to implement strict crackdowns on the illegal activities in the Tonle Sap area, especially in Kampong Chhnang.

Prime Minister said that if perpetrators and officials wanted their sentences to be reduced, they should come forward and confess their crimes to the authorities.

The Prime Minister said, “I would also like to tell all the officials who have committed wrongdoing, if they want to commute their sentences, they must come out and confess immediately…”

“They are better off in prison than working as officials.”, Prime Minister continued, while speaking about officials who are involved with the land grabbing and illegal logging crimes.

The Premier stated that there would be no tolerance for officials involved with the crimes. He also called on citizens who have settled in the flooded forest area to leave immediately to avoid arrests.

In a special voice message released by the Premier on November 28, he said that all authorities must arrest anyone that violated land laws and logging rules in the flooded forest of Tonle Sap. The head of Cambodia’s anti-corruption unit, Om Yentieng, was tapped by Mr Hun Sen to head the crackdown.

Prime Minister Hun Sen also ordered the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology and all relevant institutions to cooperate in the crackdown.

Relevant authorities quickly assembled to discuss measures and methods to implement in order to apprehend those involved in the illegal activities and reduce the crimes.



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