Jordan Pomegranate Festival 2021 kicks off

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The Pomegranate Festival began in Amman after it was limited to the northern governorates, especially Irbid. The festival is an important marketing outlet for pomegranate farmers, rural products, and traditional handicrafts. The participation of women in the countryside in this festival, which will continue until the 30th of this month, is major and real participation that reached 80%, as many rural women depend on this festival to provide a basic annual financial source of income that helps them overcome their hardships of living life. The festival displays traditional industries based on pomegranate: molasses, vinegar, jam, juice, candy, and oil, as well as various cosmetics. All of these products enjoy a good reputation among the Jordanian and Arab consumers, especially since the Jordanian pomegranate is characterized as an organic product with high specifications and quality.

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