Flood-hit residents in Korat Thai evacuated


Soldiers were dispatched to evacuate flood-hit residents in Muang district after Lam Takhong overflowed, flooding communities and Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital.

Many areas in the Muang district were flooded after days of heavy rain.

Two communities along Mittraphap and Samrong Chan roads were badly hit by the swelling Lam Takhong canal. Community roads were inaccessible for small vehicles.

Soldiers from Wing 1 and two military lorries were sent to help evacuate 212 affected residents in the two communities on Thursday. As of Thursday morning, 45 households were evacuated.

Floodwater at Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima, the largest hospital in this northeastern province, receded by 20cm on Thursday. However, the road to the hospital was impassable for small vehicles.

The hospital was flooded early Wednesday morning after the Lam Takhong canal overflowed.

The provincial irrigation office installed more pumps to accelerate drainage from the Lam Takhong canal to 1,000 cubic meters per hour.



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