Despite Exports Limitation ‘Ras al-Abed’ Industry Continues in Gaza


The inherited profession of making Cream Chocolate Buns ‘Ras al-Abed’ has been maintained in Gaza, despite the great difficulties resulted by the siege imposed on the Strip, which makes it difficult to export their products abroad, and the lockdown measures that accompanied the COVID pandemic increased their suffering in obtaining raw materials needed for industry. Despite this, many people who work in this industry are glad that it is still demanded by adults and children. Cream Chocolate Buns ‘Ras al-Abed’ consists of a layer of biscuit covered with caramel, topped with a layer of cream covered with chocolate. The demand for it increases in winter due to the energy it gives because of its ingredients. This dessert comes with a different name since it is commercially called Sambo, while in Gaza it is called Al shatawi, while in the West Bank it is called Ras al-Abed, while in some Western countries it is called “Negro kiss.”


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