Abu Muhammad Preserves the Craft of Repairing Kerosene Stoves

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Despite that people who are still using kerosene stoves are rare these days, Abu Muhammad Al-Maasoubi still working in maintaining kerosene pressure stoves and maintaining the profession he inherited from his father and grandfather, and has been working in his shop in the heart of Al Shujaiya local market for sixty years. Abu Muhammad tells of how people were completely dependent on kerosene stoves, which contributed in the store prosperity in the past and created a job opportunity for a large number of workers in it, but since gas stoves invaded most homes, the use of kerosene stoves began to decrease, and it was limited to some elderly people who prefer to use it because they consider it more convenient, as they can work on it while they are sitting. This profession no longer brings much income, but it protects him from complete poverty and needs. During the siege and gas outages in Gaza, a large number of people returned to using the kerosene stoves, which revitalized the business, as people waits for hours to maintain their kerosene stoves or lanterns. Abu Muhammad pointed out that the kerosene stoves are used in the Gaza Strip were imported from various places, including Israel, Portugal, Syria, and Egypt.

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