Rihab city in Jordan embraces one of the oldest churches worldwide


Church of Saint George is located in Rehab Mafraq Governorate in northern Jordan, which is rich in archaeological sites that bear witness to the most ancient civilizations that succeeded in the historical Levant region, it’s one of 30 churches in the ancient city, church of Saint George is dated back to 230 AD, and is considered one of the oldest historical churches in the world, discovered in 2002. Clues and datum indicate that the church was established by a group (some historical accounts said that it consists of 70 people) of residents who converted to Christianity secretly because they were afraid of persecution by the pagan Roman State that time. Lower section of the church represents the archaeological site that includes the cave church, which was a place of worship in that era, in addition to three ancient tombs, which researchers believe are for men of the Christian faith.

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