Junta: Roadside bomb hit military convoy in Myanmar


Myanmar anti-junta dissidents have carried out a bomb attack on security forces near Yangon, several were reported killed, the military and media said.

The neighboring nation has been in turmoil: since the military toppled Aung San Suu Kyi’s elected government in February, sparking mass pro-democracy protests and a bloody crackdown by the military.

Various townships across Myanmar have formed so-called “people defence forces” to fight back against the junta, although the majority of clashes have been reported in rural areas.

The junta on Saturday said in a statement that security forces were traveling through Khayan, a suburb of Myanmar’s commercial hub Yangon on Friday when they were attacked with a homemade bomb.

“Both groups fired back and forth — a member of the security forces was injured,” the statement said, adding that firearms and ammunition were seized after the clash.

Local media reported at least two objectors were killed and one arrested.


Source: Agencies

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