Hyenas and Wolves Tamed on Jordanian Girl Hands


9-year-old girl, Norsin Al-Fraihat, took the passion of raising and taming predatory hyenas and wolves from her father to be the smallest tamer in the region, among her peers she is the only one who deals with predators. Norsin said that she has started taming hyenas when she was 3 years old, when she asked her father, Suleiman Freihat, the famous hyena hunter in Jordan, to bring her hyenas, adding that she succeeded in taming hyenas and wolves together, building a strong friendship with it at home, and Al-Freihat, who resides in the town of Kufranja, Ajloun governorate, north of Jordan, has been bringing hyenas and wolves Cubs and Pups who lost their mothers, to provide them with care and tame them. Contrasting with the prevailing custom in raising animals at home, the girl Al-Fraihat aspires to establish a reserve for raising hyenas and wolves in the future.

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