Umno’s Idris Jusoh says he backs Muhyiddin as PM for greater good of party


KUALA LUMPUR, August 5 — Umno’s sole Terengganu MP, Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh, has pledged his support for Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government.

At the same time, the Besut MP also questioned the move by Umno’s president to withdraw the party’s support for the ruling administration, before citing the indecisiveness of Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in relaying instructions to the party’s lawmakers.

He highlighted the time when the party’s top leadership said it was decided that Umno MPs were given the freedom to vote as they wish when Parliament reconvenes but their votes must be guided by the party’s decision.

“Unfortunately, I am unable to see the ‘game plan’ where Umno’s president is currently directing us towards, at a time when the people are being threatened.

“We were instructed to reject the present government and withdraw support for Muhyiddin. After that, where do we go?

“Do we want to become the Opposition, and allow non-Malay leaders to manage Islamic affairs?

“Or do we want to support Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as we are aware of the close ties between Zahid and the PKR president?” he asked in a statement.

Idris said he was of the opinion that Umno would fare better if it stood with the ruling government under the leadership of Muhyiddin despite its flaws and for the greater good.

“At a time when the people are suffering with Covid-19, it is better we stop politicking. We are obliged to help the people.

“For the sake of the people and refraining from politicking, I have made the decision to support the current government under Muhyiddin’s leadership,” he added.

Idris, who currently holds the post of Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) chairman, pointed out the contributions made by Muhyiddin and expressed his admiration for a leader who he said is big-hearted.

The political turmoil comes after Ahmad Zahid on Tuesday claimed that enough of the party’s federal lawmakers have signed a declaration to withdraw its support for Muhyiddin and the Perikatan Nasional government.

Subsequently, Muhyiddin announced that a confidence vote will be tabled in Dewan Rakyat when it convenes in September, while insisting that he still has the required majority support from lawmakers in the form of statutory declarations (SD) to lead Malaysia.



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