Pentagon Reopens After Lockdown For Short Time Due To Shooting


The Pentagon, which houses the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, was briefly on Tuesday(local time) put under a lockdown due to “shooting incident” at a nearby Metro station. The lockdown was later lifted and the building reopened a short while later, the Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA) said.
“The Pentagon has lifted the lockdown and has reopened. Corridor 2 and the Metro entrance remains closed. Corridor 3 is open for pedestrian traffic,” the PFPA informed through a tweet.

The shooting incident took place outside the building on the Metro Bus platform, which is a major entrance to the Pentagon used by thousands of personnel every day entering and leaving the building.

“The Pentagon currently is on lockdown due to an incident at the Pentagon Transit Center. We are asking the public to please avoid the area. More information will be forthcoming,” the agency said after the incident.

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