After the Dasu bus bombing, Pakistan used its military to protect projects that cooperated with Chinese workers


As the authorities pursue those responsible for the July 14 suicide bombing, they are definitely increasing security with Chinese workers Weeks after a bus explosion in northern China. Pakistan killed 12 people, including nine Chinese nationals, Pakistani security agencies are looking for two people and the silver Toyota Corolla they drove on the two buses that went to the dam construction sites near the remote city of Dasu on July 14. The buses, each carrying more than 30 people, were escorted by two paramilitary vehicles and drove to the World Bank-funded Dasu hydropower project that was being built. The counter-terrorism police in the eastern city of Lahore announced on Wednesday that they had immediately arrested two brothers from the Pakistani province of West Balochistan in connection with the attack in Dasu. It happened when anti-terrorism authorities and the Pakistani Army’s InterServices Intelligence (ISI) agency questioned two other men in Dasu, a small but busy town in the mountainous region of Kohistan.

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