Vietnam provides Cuba with 12,000 tons of rice and emphasizes cooperation on COVID19 vaccine


Prime Minister Chinh announced that Vietnam will deliver 12,000 tons of rice to Cuba in hopes of alleviating the difficulties faced by the Cuban people amid the COVID19 pandemic, adding that Vietnam will send the rice to Cuba as soon as possible, and expressed his hope that the two sides will further intensify their cooperation to ensure Cuba’s food security. Ambassador Orlando Nicolás Hernández Guillén, for his part, thanked the party, the state and the people of Vietnam for their support, which reflects the special and traditional friendship between the two countries. He promised to work hard to make further contributions to strengthening the special traditional friendship, fraternal solidarity and comprehensive cooperation and mutual trust between the two parties, states, governments and peoples, especially in difficult times. Competent agencies on both sides to promote bilateral cooperation in the production of the COVID19 vaccine in Vietnam After the reception, Prime Minister Chính hy presented a token containing the gift of 10,000 tons of rice from the party, state and people of Việtnam. represents Nam to Cuba, and the leaders of the Hà Nội party committee symbolically delivered 2,000 tons of rice from Hà Nội to the Cuban capital, the ambassador of Havana.

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