Prime Minister of Cambodia: US and Europe also have deaths from COVID despite vaccinations


Prime Minister Hun Sen confirmed yesterday that people who have received two doses of a vaccine may still be infected and die from Covid19, Hun Sen stated, the international airport that receives vaccine support from the Japanese government, Hun Sen said it did so in cases of Covid19 victims who had two doses of the vaccine and still died from Covid19 infection, not only in Cambodia but also in the United States, United Kingdom and other European countries, even though they have a lot of vaccines for these countries, said people are vaccinated or not, they should keep implementing the 3 do’s and 3’s. What is in the best interests of Hun Sen said he hopes parents who have already been vaccinated can vaccinate their children aged 12-17 to boost immunity at home from August 1st. for him it is the well-being of the people and that the life of the people is secured. “The first human right is not the right to freedom of expression or democracy, but the right to life, which should come first. Whatever anyone wants to say about the new law on Covid19, Cambodia’s law is about protecting human life, ”he said.

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