People of Hadhramaut celebrate the “town season” rituals


The residents of Hadhramaut governorate celebrate annually the so-called “town season” by holding the opening ceremonies, in addition to the fact that the season is linked to special customs, traditions and rituals carried out by the residents in the various regions of Hadhramaut. It falls on the fifteenth or sixteenth day of July each year, and the arrival of the season coincides with intensification of the northern winds and the strong air current, and the town’s season was associated with many rituals and social customs on the coast of Hadhramaut. In the old days, citizens used to travel to rural areas where dates are found, in addition to washing their bodies in sea water because they believed that in the town’s season sea waters have a cure for alot of illnesses, residents also perform a number of folk dances held in various regions of Hadhramaut Governorate.

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