Kumpir is Tourists First Choice Around Bosphorus


Considering the rich history of the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish kitchen meals are distinguished for being one of the most well-known cuisines around the world. The Turkish kitchen was affected by various cuisines such as Arabic, Persian, and Kurdish. Among the most demanded meal is Kumpir the “traditional Turkish-style baked potatoes”. It is the tourist’s first choice as the most popular shops for the baked potato Kumpir are located around Ortaköy near Bosphorus. Chefs indicate that the Kumpir originated in Britain but got popularity in Turkey as they added new ingredients such as Chili sauce and paste, corn, kofta, or raw kibbeh mixture. Kumpir is basically a large potato that is roasted until it becomes soft from the inside. Potato is then cut from the middle to be stuffed with cheese, olives, chili, fine bulgur, butter, mayonnaise, pickles, corn, and spices. Such meals became popular in restaurants and hotels around the world

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