If Biden continues Trump’s misguided China policy, Beijing warns the U.S will face the risk of disaster


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi blamed US President Joe Biden’s administration for continuing Donald Trump’s “wrong China policy” and warned that if Washington fails to take corrective action, there is a risk of “major catastrophe”. Addressing China’s three main concerns to prevent Sino-US relations from deteriorating further. “The new US administration has continued China’s extreme and false policies of the previous administration, repeatedly questioning China’s results and stepping up crackdown on China. China firmly opposes this,” Wang was quoted by the Treasury Department as saying. China’s external relations in a statement on Monday.If China-US relations are not resolved, it would be “a major disaster,” Wang said, adding that the United States “should establish an objective and correct understanding of China … and pragmatic China policies should return “. Wang made three basic demands on the United States, saying not to question or attempt to undermine China’s model of government, and said it was linked to the fate of 1.4 billion Chinese people. He said the United States should lift the sanctions it has imposed on China for alleged human rights abuses in Xinjianga and undermine Hong Kong, stop exercising its wide-ranging jurisdiction against China and curtail China’s technological development. Taiwan is the number one issue when it comes to sovereign affairs, Wang said.

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