Dr. Sudarshini Fernandopulle encourages to take a serious step towards child abuse in Sri Lanka


Child abuse, child bullying, child slavery, whatever it’s called, it is a society’s responsibility to fight it unconditionally, and an organized program is needed to prevent such misuse of children and to enforce the law that goes beyond the bare Protest against this person goes out. The President of the Forum of Parliamentarians, Minister of State Dr. Sudarshini Fernandopulle said the law must be used immediately against the perpetrators regardless of their social status, and expressed condolences on the death of a 16-year-old girl who was molested and burned in a MP’s house. Such incidents of child abuse and harassment have existed in the past and continue to occur today, so rather than protesting individual incidents of this nature, it is important to take steps to prevent them while ensuring that the police and judiciary report it Perpetrator. nister recalled that child abuse and child slavery constantly create an environment in which children cannot reach their full development potential and may be exposed to long-term physical and mental disabilities. Children can continue to be abusers when they grow up, continuing the vicious cycle of child abuse.There is a growing social perception that women MPs should be the first to address the abuse of girls and the harassment of women and boys, but the whole Society should stand up to protect them as this is a tragic situation. Child abuse, violence against women show the decline in values ​​in society and gender inequality, so it is important that not only women but all of us work together to avoid such situations.She believes that the expedited execution of justice against the daughter of the late Ishalini Jude Kumar would help protect even more such daughters from such harassment in the future.

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