Cambodia could face a sudden surge in the variant delta due to the rapid spread


Both the World Health Organization in Cambodia and the Ministry of Health have called for increased vigilance towards the delta variant of the new coronavirus. To date, more than 150 cases of Delta infected patients, as well as an outbreak, have been reported in the affected community of 18 people, including four health officials stationed at a border checkpoint. The Delta variant is spreading much faster than other strains of Covid19, and scientists can now know why. People infected with the Delta variant have a viral load more than 1,260 times the concentration of virus particles in the body than those with the original strain found in China, a group of scientists reported in a preprinted article . A higher viral load can have many effects, including a more serious illness. Its most important contribution is the increased transferability of a virus. The Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention of China found, tracked, and isolated 62 cases of the Delta variant and performed daily RTPCR tests on the infected. These samples were then compared with data from the outbreak in China in early 2020, the scientific journal Nature reported.

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