The Senior Officials Corruption Investigation office on Tuesday summoned Seoul Superintendent of Education Cho Heeyeon to an ongoing investigation into alleged abuse of power through lobbying for unfair employment. After found guilty of violating civil servants’ electoral law, he has denied the allegations since the CIO opened its investigation into his case in April, Cho told reporters, before moving to the CIO office at the government headquarters in Gwacheon Gyeonggi Province went.

“Reinstating dismissed teachers who had to leave the students for some 10 years after trying to improve teachers’ rights was a measure to protect teachers’ rights and promote harmony in the educational community. It accords with social justice and there is still no change in my thought,”
“I believe that ensuring laid-off workers, laid-off public officials and laid-off teachers return to their places is how our society can move toward future harmony without being bound by the past.”

The CIO — one of the main components of President Moon Jae-in’s pledges to reform the country’s powerful institutions such as the prosecution — was launched in January.

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